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Complete Analysis of NEET 2024 Scam and Unfair Marking Schemes

The NEET 2024 examination has become a hot topic of discussion due to several controversies. From allegations of paper leaks to unfair marking schemes, the integrity of this crucial medical entrance exam has been questioned. Let’s dive deep into the issues surrounding NEET 2024 and understand the different facets of this controversy.

Understanding NEET

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a pivotal exam for students aspiring to pursue undergraduate medical courses like MBBS and BDS in India. Conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), this exam is a gateway to medical education for millions of students across the country.

Key Issues in NEET 2024

1. Allegations of Paper Leaks

One of the earliest and most severe allegations was the leak of the NEET 2024 question paper. There were reports of the question paper being sold for large sums of money before the exam. This created a panic among students and parents, and significantly dented the trust in the examination process.


  • Reported Incidents: Multiple arrests were made in Gujarat and Bihar in connection to the paper leak​ (Finology)​​ (Y20 India)​.
  • NTA’s Response: The NTA denied these allegations, stating that the exam process was secure and no evidence of a leak was found​ (Finology)​.

2. Unusual Timing of Results

The results of NEET 2024 were announced 10 days earlier than expected, coinciding with the Lok Sabha election results. This unusual timing raised suspicions that the early release was a strategic move to overshadow any potential backlash against the exam process.


  • Timing: Results were declared on June 4, 2024, instead of the expected June 14, 2024​ (Y20 India)​.
  • Reactions: This led to accusations that the NTA was trying to divert attention from the exam issues by releasing results on a day dominated by election news​ (Finology)​.

3. Grace Marks and Inflated Scores

A significant controversy arose around the awarding of grace marks to some students due to alleged loss of time during the exam. This led to a dramatic increase in the number of students scoring perfect marks.


  • Perfect Scores: This year, 67 students scored 720/720, an unusually high number compared to previous years​ (India Today)​​ (Top Colleges and Universities in India)​.
  • Grace Marks: The NTA admitted to awarding compensatory marks to 1,563 students who faced time loss, causing some students to score as high as 718 and 719​ (India Today)​​ (Y20 India)​.

4. Discrepancies in Marking and Results

The NEET 2024 results showed several discrepancies, including inflated cut-offs and irregularities in the ranking. Students and educators raised questions about the fairness and transparency of the results.

Issues Highlighted:

  • Cut-off Scores: The general category cut-off increased from 137 to 164, making it harder for students to secure seats in government medical colleges​ (Y20 India)​.
  • Top Scorers from Same Centre: Multiple top scorers came from the same exam centre, further raising suspicions about the integrity of the results​ (The News Minute)​​ (Top Colleges and Universities in India)​.

In response to these issues, students and various organizations have protested and called for a re-examination. Legal actions have also been initiated, with petitions filed in various high courts and the Supreme Court.

Actions Taken:

  • Protests: Students and groups like the All India Medical Students’ Association (AIMSA) demanded a thorough investigation and a possible re-examination​ (Y20 India)​.
  • Court Cases: Several writ petitions were filed, and the Supreme Court issued notices to the NTA to address these grievances​ (Finology)​.

Analysis of NTA’s Justifications

The NTA has provided several justifications to counter the allegations. However, these justifications have been met with skepticism and criticism from various quarters.

NTA’s Justifications:

  1. Paper Leak Denial: The NTA firmly denied any paper leaks, calling the allegations baseless. They emphasized the security measures in place during the examination process​ (Finology)​.
  2. Compensatory Marks: The NTA justified the awarding of compensatory marks due to time loss at certain centres. This decision was based on a formula established by the Supreme Court in a previous judgement​ (India Today)​.
  3. Transparency Measures: The NTA highlighted their efforts to maintain transparency, such as the Advance City Intimation and the processing of results within a stipulated time frame​ (India Today)​.

Criticism of Justifications:

  1. Lack of Detailed Explanation: Critics argue that the NTA’s explanations are superficial and do not adequately address the core issues. For instance, the criteria for awarding grace marks were not clearly communicated, leading to further confusion​ (Top Colleges and Universities in India)​.
  2. Early Result Declaration: The timing of the result declaration has been widely criticized as a tactic to avoid scrutiny. Many believe that this move undermines the credibility of the NTA’s justifications​ (Y20 India)​.
  3. Handling of Paper Leak Allegations: Despite denying the paper leak, the arrests and ongoing investigations in states like Bihar and Gujarat suggest otherwise. The NTA’s outright dismissal of these allegations without a thorough investigation has been questioned​ (Finology)​.


The NEET 2024 controversy has raised serious questions about the integrity and transparency of one of India’s most important examinations. While the NTA has provided justifications for the various issues, the criticisms and demands for a re-examination reflect a deep-rooted distrust among students and the public.

Moving forward, it is crucial for the NTA to address these issues comprehensively and transparently to restore faith in the examination process. An independent investigation, better communication of policies, and stricter security measures could be steps in the right direction.

Recommendations for Students and Parents

  1. Stay Informed: Keep up with official announcements from the NTA and other reliable sources.
  2. Join Protests and Petitions: If you feel wronged, join student protests and consider supporting legal actions to demand transparency.
  3. Prepare for Alternatives: Given the uncertainties, also prepare for other medical entrance exams and consider backup options.

This in-depth analysis aims to shed light on the complexities of the NEET 2024 controversy. By understanding the issues and the responses, students and parents can make informed decisions and contribute to the call for a fair and transparent examination process.

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